A Level Art

Shown below are some of the works I created in my final year of A Level Art. I focused mainly on Photorealism and portraiture images.

I focused on Da Vinci’s work and the Statue David, and after looking at the drapery of the statue I started practicing drawing drapery.

This was just a page of quick 2 minute sketches of my friend Nathan just so I could get familiar with the images I was working with and to understand the facial features.

Another two images focusing on the drapery my friend Yasmine was wearing. I’m not sure if you can see close enough but I used a Crosshatching technique to sketch and shade these two pictures.

One of the other artists I researched and used for inspiration was Celia Bennet and this is an artist copy above painted in Oil Paints.

These above are two Oil Paintings of my friend Yasmine in the style of Celia Bennett using her use of colour in skin tones.

This is another Celia Bennett artist copy (Girl with the Pearl Earring) in Oil Paints, and I used Chuck Close’s technique of gridding to make the painting look as realistic as I could.

This is one of my final pieces for my A Level art. I focused on portraying good and evil in my images and I used Oil Paints and a gridding technique to create this painting.


Life Drawing

I took up extracurricular Life Drawing classes after college every Friday and here is some of the work I created.


Here are three 5 minute sketches, they were one of the first ones I did but I instantly liked life drawing the minute I began.

I created the above piece of work using black charcoal and a stick with white emulsion paint on it. It was a really strange way of working but I really liked it, it pushed me out of my comfort zone!

This was my final piece for my Life Drawing sessions. I think I spent about 40 minutes on this piece of work.


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